© Tasio

© Tasio

Ensemble in constant motion and without a stable form of the french producer and composer Olivier Arson, TERRITOIRE drives tensions between electronic processes, experimental instrumentation and narrative fragments. 

An existential drift towards a broken horizon that hides his beauty inside oppressive and cathartic rhythms, expands across physical drones, only to discover, at last, a disturbing and unknown light. 

Alix (Humo, 2018), a story of slavery, is the new record of TERRITOIRE produced with techno veteran Oscar Mulero and audiovisual artist and musician Tasio. 

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Olivier Arson (Paris, 1979) is a composer and producer creating music for films, TV and performing arts.
He is the author of the OST for the TV serie 'La Zona' (movistar+, 2017) and both thrillers from Rodrigo Sorogoyen 'The Realm' (2018) and 'May God Save Us'  (2016)

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